Wednesday, November 24, 2010

moody me today

its just techno music and anime like gintama that just relaxes the tensed stressed me... gintama, really retard show that makes u actually luff.... happy happy forget all ur daily troubles... thank god for eyes and ears :) gonna get some slp soon, kill time for the night... my boring life... lol . depressed for no damn good reason.... think am nuts...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

old fashion me, the ramblings of today.

time flies, in a blink of any eye, everything is so different, visited several bicycle shops... wow.... everything change, from rapid fire shifters + triggers to double rapid fire shifters.... components from LX changed names to SLX... so on and so for... well some say there's a need to keep up with time, true to an extent, as time goes by technology changes, mostly for the better, however, sometimes, its more then just pure hardware and technology, emotions perhaps. i didnt feel comfortable with the change of shifters, fumbling with a bicycle, something that i was using for more then a decade... i still found the older version more comfy to ride with. likewise, with einstein, it felt like an arcade game, the shifters felt good, the sound of the gearbox was great, even with the stock backfire, it sounds really good... but i really do miss the old fashion gear shift, clutch shift clutch and throttle... the sound of the bov fluttering, the bushings rubbing the lever, ... just old fashion. Yes, today's cars and bikes are better, in terms of geometry, handling, technology, everything, its just the reminiscence of the "old technology" and old times, bring me back to who i really am, what i really like doing, and realize, there was never competition, it was just all about me, and yes, it rocks.... People usually ask, if you could turn back time, would you regret or choose a different life? the answer is no. its better to have experienced then not to at all. i have enjoyed every bike, every car i owned to the fullest, i wished for more, but not much can be done, times change, things phase out, things wear out, only memories remain, for a while that is, it will go as age catches up. All that's needed to be done is to continue, looking forward, making the best out of everything, every situation and every ride ~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ignore this post. ramblings of a confused guy.

2months later......
with the front of the car being heavier and engine mounted in front of the wheels, it seems like the wear of tyres is worse on the front then the back... openning the rear camber more then the front might help the car to push its butt into the corner.... or maybe stiffening the rear suspension alone? mabye bcuz of the inbalance power output with all 4 wheels, 60F40R, if the heldax? controller really works, then its a definite good buy... 150clicks is when there is a starting slight difference in the car's handling(stability) compared to the previous ride.... power lost after 145clicks. previous ride had much more stability comparing stock shocks, it boils down to the rear spoiler and the 50-50 power output balance. 60f40r might just be to pull or push the front mounted engine. tweaking it's power might have an effect on its chassis as the chassis might not be able to withstand the power upgrade and lose power there, also the gear balancing the car... lighten muffler would make the back lighter, BBK makes the already front even heavier, rear camber might do the trick in corner for balancing, but i do have a feeling that only a stiffer rear spring would be a good option, but stiffer rear only to balance 60f40r, but without efficient grip from the tyres it might give the back out, corner at 170clicks(estimate) already threw off the rear with a little braking, there's too much weight in the front, adding weight in the back will slightly balance the weight distribution, but definitely slow down the already slow car. Gear6 3200 rpm has a reactive point, but the pull is still too slow. guess i am just used to the high end power, and am not used to the low end torque feel yet.
going down 99, the gear shifts are the issue, more or less, i know which gear and what exact power band i need inside the course, but the clutch doesnt grip enough, the clutch lag happens to be a double lag when shifting gear, you wait for 1 "time" then 2nd "time" then the clutch goes in, which spoils the exiting speed. the entry speed is ok, but the exit speed was delayed due to the clutch being too slow to engage and power doesnt come immediately due to the clutch not the power band issue. basically, the rear downforce is much needed, adding a spoiler would be great but also makes the car slower.
lightening the front rims only will affect the power output as well, so thats a no no, there has to be something to lighten in the front of the car to balance it up.
the gear ratios are rather small, so the pick up till 140 is pretty sufficient , very city driving car, but not a top end car compared to the previous ride. gear 3 and 4 seems to be the most efficient for mid speed cornners, 140-180?
the radio truly sucks, even running in the speakers, playing an opera cd in the radio in front of a singer would make the singer commit suicide.
back to the tyres, gripper front tyres>? or maintain all high grip tyres, even so, the rear likes to lift and shift/slide........remap + spoiler to maintain the current balance?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i realize that i still miss my manual tranny gbox.... wow... its a real hassle driving to wrk with the auto cuz of the jams and the quick need to brake all day long... now it does seem weird as auto trannies would be the best for jam....
i totally am so into getting a new wrx.... i so miss that manual transmission.... raw power..... well, tts me... look at it now, no matter how tiong it gets, its an auto... worse still, one that's so "smart" that it auto adjust the air con even on manual, the gears just won't listen.... there's no clutch, so my left leg's always looking for a clutch and found it... = the brake.... ah shit... i want a manual sti.... and i remember what i say when i was much younger, my 24th year old goal.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


lol- designed by my dear wife :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today, my dad came home from overseas and 1st thing he did was, hey, i heard that you got 2 traffic police tickets.... why u so stupid, write in and waive it. you very rich ah.... it aint anything about being rich, its that i did not see the sign board twice in a row and commited an offence twice in the row..... My dad happens to attend city mission church... i wonder if ......hmmmm...... i think .... it seems.... church aint working out for him that well.... wonder why does my dad wastes time going to church... bored perhaps? FML.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Einstein the 2nd